C.C.F.C. srl (Centro Costruzione Furgonature Containers) is a company located in Lallio (BG). For many years now it is a point of reference both in Italy and in Europe.

The manufacturing activities of this company from Bergamo, the result of detailed custom designs, are able to meet specific requirements of its buyers.

Centro Costruzioni Furgonature Containers offers its customers a wide range of intermodal and road swap bodies of every kind. In particular, you can contact the company in Bergamo to purchase:

Refrigerated Swap Bodies

• Bulk Swap Bodies

Covered Swap Bodies

Open-Top Swap Bodies

Plywood Swap Bodies

• Isolated Swap Bodies

Tautliner Swap Bodies

Flatrack Swab Bodies


For more information, an estimate or to request a consultation with specialists do not hesitate to contact the head office.

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