C.C.F.C. srl Centro Costruzioni Furgonature Containers, based in Lallio (BG) and active in the Italian and European territories has long been a trusted partner for all those industries that have made the transportation and storage of special and/or dangerous goods its core business.


In fact, the company from Bergamo has a long experience in the production and sale of special containers,  Shelter Containers as per regulations regarding radioactivity. They are all customised for both size and layouts, according to different uses and specific customer needs.

  Customised container preparation

Also known as "shelters", the special containers are set up in a completely customised way in order to better meet customer needs. 

You can contact C.C.F.C. to purchase:

• 20' and 40' containers

• Shelter Containers

• Containers for IP1 and IP2 radioactive materials

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